Satoshi Ohno, ‘Passion, First love.’, 2015, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Satoshi Ohno

Satoshi Ohno works with a combination of figuration and gestural abstraction to explore his ongoing preoccupations. Ohno has lived in the forests in Hokkaido, the Cayman Islands, and Hawaii, which all inspire his continued representation of what he calls the primeval forest. In fact, many of Ohno’s images are germinations from his own observations and experiences. For example, his recurring prism motif was inspired by watching moths fly into a streetlight one night. Other themes and subjects on Ohno’s work include the relationship between nature and ritual or manmade objects, and the fluid boundaries of gender. In fact, some of his most iconic works are genderless, ethereal self-portraits. Ohno also works in sculpture, photography, sand-drawing, and installation.

Japanese, b. 1980