Saul Steinberg, ‘Paravionnerie II’, 1966, Jules Maeght Gallery

About Saul Steinberg

Perhaps best known as the unmistakable illustrator of hundreds of cartoons and a number of covers for The New Yorker, Saul Steinberg made drawings and sculptures that established him as an acute visual chronicler of the modern American psyche. From the single, unbroken flourishes of his smaller cartoons to the dense detail seen in his New York cityscapes, the lines in Steinberg’s illustrations are famously emotive. Steinberg’s mixed-media “Drawing Tables” series (1970s) features his life-size recreations of his wood work tables, which include hand-carved simulations of pens, pencils, brushes, rulers, sketchbooks, and seals.

American, 1914-1999, Râmnicul-Sărat, Romania