Saya Behnam, ‘I am No. 2 ’, Artist's Proof

Iranian artist Sayeh ‘Saya’ Behnam works combine two rich artistic heritages; of eastern painting traditions and western artistic philosophies. Behnam’s use of Farsi, a traditional mode predominantly reserved for religious scripture most often by men, explores the potential of calligraphy as an art form, reinterpreting it through the eyes and hands of a female painter. Stretching across the paper or canvas, immersed in the harmony and balance of the curves, Behnam accentuates Farsi script’s tendency towards natural forms combined with the application of these organic materials.

Consumed by the importance of Time, Behnam’s use of organic materials is a continuation of those ideas. There is a sense of unity and commonality between the materials and the viewer. Behnam repeats the words hasti (to be) and hastam (I am). These conjugations of “being” visually connect to the other elements in Behnam’s work. Combined with Chinese calligraphy aesthetics, Behnam captures the exaggerated elements of Chinese composition and brushwork, with the organic qualities of the Persian language.

Series: Hastam (I am)

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