Sayre Gomez, ‘Torn Image in Cerulean’, 2015, Rodolphe Janssen

About Sayre Gomez

Conceptual artist Sayre Gomez’s body of work includes paintings, sculptures, installations, and artist’s books. His cerebral projects often employ found images and text as a means to comment on the ambiguous nature of communication and personal exchange. His works are characterized by a formalism inspired by typography and graphic design, along with the use of repetition that often bleeds into distortion and abstraction. Gomez’s texts and images are culled from various blogs and archives, selected purely for their formal qualities. He seeks to find subjects “that imbue a sense of familiarity yet remain difficult to place,” as he describes. In one work, Gomez played with presentations of Lorem ipsum, a nonsensical, placeholder text of modified Latin, used by publishers and graphic designers in laying out a document.

American, b. 1982, Chicago, Illinois, based in Los Angeles, California

Exhibition Highlights

Los Angeles,
Frankfurt am Main,
Galerie Parisa Kind at Art Brussels 2016 NOT to be published
Michael Jon & Alan,