Scott McFarland, ‘Analyzing, Ryan Otto Conducts Water Test 3/7’, 2003, Caviar20

Scott McFarland is the most successful conceptual photographer from the third generation of artists associated with “The Vancouver School.”

McFarland’s large scale photographs are compilations of multiple digital images printed within a single frame.

This process serves to morph reality into something fabricated by means of the photographic medium.

With this piece, McFarland explores the relationship between humans and the natural environment, a theme that is prevalent in much of his work.

During his bachelor’s in visual art at UBC, McFarland studied alongside acclaimed artists such as Roy Arden and Liz Magor and worked as a studio assistant to Jeff Wall.

His work is represented in numerous collections around the globe, including Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The AGO presented a major exhibition of McFarland’s work this past summer: Scott McFarland - Snow, Shacks, Streets, Shrubs.

Signature: Signed on label by the artist verso.

About Scott McFarland