Scott Peterman, ‘EC 3 (Ecatepec 3)’, 2008, Richard Levy Gallery

About Scott Peterman

Scott Peterman is a peripatetic photographer, whose color photographs of urban and natural landscapes offer an alternative perspective on our place in nature and the built environment. Claiming, “I’m interested in the paradox of the human need to control the natural world but at the same time feeling very alien and detached from the soil,” he effectively abstracts the scenes before his lens—barren natural landscapes and mega-cityscapes—by shooting them from aerial or straight-on vantage points. Through these views, he emphasizes the relentless geometry and claustrophobic, crowding patterns of urban architecture and the stark minimalism of nature, making both appear alien and, as Peterman describes, “allowing for a much more open narrative.” His is a narrative not of specific cities or landscapes, but of how, where, and why human beings build, and the once-wild landscapes we erase in the process.

American, b. 1968, Pennsylvania, United States

Group Shows

Charles A. Hartman Fine Art,