Scott Reeder, ‘Untitled (radish, money, flute)’, 2016, Kavi Gupta

About Scott Reeder

In his paintings, sculptures, and installations, Scott Reeder uses simple forms to address complex ideas and deploy cultural critique. He has become known for his cartoon-like style, expressive contour lines and bright colors, demonstrated infamously in his ”Cute Communists” series (2007) of famous communist leaders painted with doll-like cuteness. His other subjects include paintings of anthropomorphic objects, in a reconsideration of the familiar and mundane, and humorous references to iconic art historical works, as in Cops Ascending a Staircase (2009) (a reference to Marcel Duchamp’s most famous work). More recently, Reeder has begun to make a series of spaghetti paintings, in which the silhouettes of various types of cooked and uncooked spaghetti are spray painted onto a surface in abstract compositions.

American, b. 1970, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, based in Chicago, Illinois; Raleigh, NC

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Art+Culture Projects at EXPO CHICAGO 2016
Art+Culture Projects at NADA New York 2016
Lisa Cooley at NADA Miami Beach 2014
Lisa Cooley at Dallas Art Fair 2014
Kavi Gupta CHICAGO I BERLIN at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013