Sean Hemmerle, ‘Beirut Spiral’, Front Room Gallery

In Sean Hemmerle's poignant photographic series "Rust Belt" (shown at Front Room in 2013) which features theaters, banks, factories, and abandoned houses, the architecture is metaphoric of societal issues that have evolved over decades. Hemmerle has chosen to juxtapose a photograph from this series with photos that he has taken in Beirut and Iraq.

Signature: on reverse

Image rights: Sean Hemmerle and Front Room Gallery

exhibited in the "Beyond Ruin Porn" exhibition at The Front Room Gallery

About Sean Hemmerle

Working on his own or on assignment for top publications, Sean Hemmerle focuses principally on architecture and urban landscapes in crisp, color photographs. He approaches these manmade structures and settlements with a keen eye for their distinctive formal qualities, as well as for the stories they convey about the people who have used, abandoned, or, sometimes, fought bitterly over them. He has captured war-affected Middle Eastern cities, luxury corporate headquarters in American cities, the changing face of Shanghai, and journalists at work in newsrooms. Hemmerle’s photographs provide a remarkably palpable sense of place; in one understated series, he shot isolated basketball nets in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, each set into markedly different surroundings, and altered by the affects of time.

American, b. 1966