Sean Keith, ‘Money Mario’, 2018, Artspace Warehouse
Sean Keith, ‘Money Mario’, 2018, Artspace Warehouse
Sean Keith, ‘Money Mario’, 2018, Artspace Warehouse
Sean Keith, ‘Money Mario’, 2018, Artspace Warehouse
Sean Keith, ‘Money Mario’, 2018, Artspace Warehouse

Sean Keith creates unique artworks inspired by street and pop art, using mixed media, acrylic paint and sealing his art with a smooth layer of resin, adding a glossy finish and depth to his artworks.

This one-of-a-kind 16 inch tall by 12 inch wide artwork is wired and ready to hang. Keith covers the front of this artwork with original newspaper before hand-painting the central figure with acrylic paint and markers. The sides of the artwork are painted black, and it does not require framing. He covers the entire artwork with resin. It is signed by the artist in the upper left corner with his initials, SK. Free local Los Angeles area delivery and worldwide shipping. A certificate of authenticity issued by Artspace Warehouse is included.

Keith is an American born artist. Raised in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, art runs wild in his family. For as long as he can remember the passion for art has always been a living, breathing aspect of his life. His works are represented by Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles and have been exhibited and collected internationally.

Sean Keith solidified his artistic energies while living and working in Switzerland the past few years. Heavily influenced by UK street artist Banksy, his artwork is characterized by a cheeky brand of appropriation characterized by the use of images from popular culture. He subtly alters the picture and its context, cleverly shifting the tone to create new meaning. A common theme throughout his work is money and the insatiable desire to possess it. The familiar, nostalgic cartoon characters he employs give a playful feeling to his art. These instantly recognizable figures create a quick connection with the viewer, who can discover deeper layers on closer inspection.

Keith’s contemporary interpretation of pop art and the cultural landscape is noticeable in every detail of his unique paintings. He covers the entire canvas with carefully selected, original pages from vintage comic books, applied in a loose grid as the basis of his painting. The printed text and images on the page serve as a contrast to the artist’s lushly hand-painted figures, implying the difference between reality and fantasy. The words and context also emphasize the themes he explores in his work--money, wealth, power, and their ultimate effect on society.

Recent Exhibitions
2016 Affordable Art Fair New York, NY
2016 Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA
2016 Art Hamptons, NY

About Sean Keith

United States, b. 1982, Minnesota, United States, based in United States

Group Shows

Samhart Gallery, 
Sean Keith, TMM, Zokar - Group Show in Neuchâtel