Sean McFarland, ‘Mountains’, 2006-2017, Casemore Kirkeby

About Sean McFarland

Sean McFarland’s landscape photographs are equal parts theater and documentary. McFarland combines and layers images and mediums to create scenes that are at once convincing and impossible. Sometimes the photographs are taken from nature in such a way that the subject is not immediately recognizable, and other times McFarland creates the set in his studio. He works with various photographic processes, including Polaroid, cyanotypes, and photograms, in combination with digital manipulation; for other works, he uses impromptu filters, like chipped ballistics glass, to create abstract effects. McFarland sometimes creates graphite drawings based on his photographs, and includes the photograph’s borders in his re-renderings. He identifies most strongly with photographic experimenters James Casebere and Thomas Demand.

American, b. 1976, based in San Francisco, California