Sean Raspet, ‘Arbitrary Embodiment (A02)’, 2013, Jessica Silverman Gallery

About Sean Raspet

Rather than focus on the dematerialization of the image or art object, Sean Raspet’s concept of abstraction involves breaking down such intangible forms as scientific compounds and the artificial valuation of currency. To this end, Raspet has diffused vaporized chemicals throughout a gallery and deciphered the material composition of Coca Cola. “I’ve been interested in this idea of formulation and of thinking about my artwork as a reformulation or a changing of different variables within an overall composition,” he has said. In his artistic projects, Raspet examines money, which he views as culture’s original mode of abstraction, and the fate of objects in what he calls “a heavily abstracted economy.”

American, b. 1981, Washington, D.C., based in Brooklyn, New York