Sebastian Black, ‘Puppy Painting (Virgin Gorda)’, 2012, Roberts Projects

About Sebastian Black

Painter and sculptor Sebastian Black is best known for his “Puppy Paintings”, a series of paintings that render droopy dog faces in fragmented abstract forms and warm colors; the forms can also be seen to constitute the nude forms of female figures. Reminiscent of the early-20th-century fascination with African masks, Black’s paintings nod to Cubism and poke fun at the art world. For his more recent (and more sober) series, Period Pieces (2011), he took as his starting point the imagery of vinyl letterset sheets; cutting into the paintings with a blade to mimic the incisions seen on vinyl sheets, the artist recreated their physical properties while rearranging their elements into spare compositions.

American, b. 1985, New York, New York, based in New York, New York

Group Shows

Wingate Studio, 
New York,
A Big Enough Umbrella
Culver City,
The Road Ahead

Fair History on Artsy

Wingate Studio at NADA New York 2016
Bodega at NADA Miami Beach 2014
C L E A R I N G at NADA Miami Beach 2013