Sebastian Errazuriz, ‘The Awareness of Uncertainty’, 2017, Cristina Grajales Gallery

This piano was originally installed in the artist’s studio, hanging precariously without the use of special rigging. The piano was a tool, which reminded Errazuriz that life could end at any time. A readymade, a one-liner that had lost its humor, it increased the artist’s awareness of the urgency to create worthwhile work.

About Sebastian Errazuriz

Sebastian Errazuriz uses art and design as a vehicle for social commentary. The prolific Brooklyn-based designer explored themes of life and death in pieces like the Porcupine Cabinet, in which storage spaces open like spines, and his Gun chairs with handgun storage spaces built into their bases. At the more overtly political end, Errazuriz’s work includes folding chairs featuring Occupy Wall Street slogans, the type of statement that has earned him comparisons to art world pranksters Maurizio Cattelan and Marcel Duchamp. In 2011 he collaborated with Ross Bleckner on Body of Work, a table containing a morbid self-portrait hidden under layers of removable paintings. Of his innovative design practice Errazuriz has said, “I seek those ideas that hopefully always existed—ideas that feel natural and obvious to all of us because this alternative was always there but maybe no one had seen it before.”

Chilean, b. 1977, Santiago, Chile, based in New York, New York