Sebastian Masuda, ‘Colorful Rebellion--Pink’, 2016, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2016

Godfather of contemporary kawaii (cute) culture in Japan, and creator of the 6%DOKIDOKI concept shop in Tokyo's Harajuku district, Sebastian Masuda creates candy-color relief canvases that exude the flavor of childhood innocence. Fragments of toys, stuffed animals, and plastic jewelry are assembled together in his work, transforming the small and fragile into a symbol of collective power and the raw, reclaimed emotions of childhood. His "Time After Time Capsule," a nine-foot-tall, transparent Hello Kitty-shaped sculpture, was installed across from Japan Society in 2015 and was filled with colorful creations and objects donated by everyday New Yorkers.

Signature: Signed on verso.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Ronin Gallery | NYC

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