Sebastian Wrong, ‘"Logger Head" table light’, Galerie VIVID

The “Logger Head” table light is from Wrong’s “A Buggs Life” series. The toothy grin on the blown glass lamp shade bears a striking resemblance to the Looney Toons star Bugs Bunny.

About Sebastian Wrong

“I’m almost like a magpie,” Sebastian Wrong once described himself, “picking up on bits and maybe twisting them, and doing something with them, just a slight sort of pollution, or invasion of something to make you look at the familiar very differently.” Born and based in London, Wrong graduated from the Norwich School of Art and Camberwell School of Art, where his education was focused on sculpture and three-dimensional design. Maintaining the structural formality of modernism, Wrong manipulates his materials to create refined works that have a balance of function and aesthetics. In both his fine art work and extensive design practice, Wrong is a virtuoso of process and materials; in “Bent Wood Tables” (2012), Wrong (partnering with Richard Woods) aimed to reveal the manufacturing process of steam bending wood which is rarely seen outside of the workshop.

British, b. 1971, London, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

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Progress, Galerie VIVID, Rotterdam