Seiko Tachibana, ‘fern-butterfly effect d-1’, 2015, Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Image size is 7.5 x 6 inches.

About Seiko Tachibana

Seiko Tachibana identifies her practice as a mixture of Asian traditions and Modernist Minimalism, which also reflects her dual training in Kobe, Japan and San Francisco. The recurring theme in her work is “the ways in which many small pieces come together to make up a larger whole,” and how modular and accumulating forms can create structures and dynamics. Tachibana frequently uses a cell-to-organ metaphor for the way in which she builds up small marks into a composition, and then groups compositions into a body of work. Her frequent motifs are circular forms, which represent rain and water as well as cells for the artist. She also finds inspiration in the collective memory of her ancestry.

Japanese, b. 1964, Osaka, Japan, based in San Francisco, California

Solo Shows

Ruth Bachofner Gallery, 
Santa Monica,