Semko Ryszard, ‘ Monotype_13’, Kitano Alley Gallery

Ryszard bornSzczecin, Poland, on March 1959

His a series of my latest Monotype prints are one of a kind the earth ton texture are amazing and bring you to a higher level of apparition of his technique.

Most of his Monotypes and painting in privet collections in the USA, Poland. Germany, France, England, Canada, Australia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Holland, Japan, Luxemburg. Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Argentina and Brazil.

The whole process of creating my monotypes takes many attempts until the final short series of few pieces are selected.

Every single selected print is a provocation and forces the viewer

to use their imagination and envision dream‐like landscapes due to the extremely rich textures.."

    -Ryszard Semko

Awards: 1994. Painting Award, Hillwood Art Museum Grant Program,

  1. Jurors Award. 80 Washington Square East Galleries.

Bibliography: 9 individual articles in American and Polish language newspapers.

25 times included in articles in Polish and American newspapers

Education: University of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland.

Exhibitions: 21 individual exhibitions. 68 group shows.

About Semko Ryszard

USA, b. 1959, Szczecin, Poland