Seo, ‘Raum für Dich III (Room for you III)’, 2016, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017

From the Catalogue:
The Korean-born artist SEO who now lives in Berlin artistically deals with the themes of “globalization” and “technologization” and their impact on our surrounding world, on our culture and on what moves us as human beings. With our continually advancing technical capabilities, we are driven by the desire to always create something new. Globalization changes our actions, thoughts, feelings and life; worlds and values become blurred. Internationally SEO is known for her large-scale, brightly colored rice paper collages in which she is dealing with these issues thematically. Her most recent works are extensively elaborated acrylic paint works that contain rice paper elements sporadically. They consistently show architectural, surreal spatial compositions of clear geometric shapes and figurative elements. Looking at these, we wake up in a digital, colorful world, in a diffuse intervention of vastness, emptiness, nothingness, color surfaces and water, sky, mountains and meadow.
Source: Galerie Michael Schultz

Signature: Signed

Image rights: Courtesy SEO and Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin Photo: Eric Tschernow

About Seo

South Korean, b. 1977, Gwangju, Seoul, based in Berlin

Group Shows

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