Serge Hamad, ‘Temporal Perception #44’, 2015, The Watermill Center: Benefit Auction 2018

Please note: After bidding closes on Artsy, bids on this piece will be transferred and executed at the silent auction component of The Watermill Center Summer Benefit and Auction on the evening of July 28, 2018.

Please note: An additional framing cost of $1,404 will be applied to the purchase price of the artwork

About Serge Hamad

An artist and activist, Serge Hamad has created a diverse body of photographic and graphic work that explores a range of subject matter, from human rights issues to figures in repose. His documentary work has focused on poverty, war crimes, censorship, and discrimination. In his best-known series, “Take a Stand,” Hamad explored the plight of persecuted Iranians—women, sexual minorities, and outspoken creative—in poignant portraits. “I use art to inform about sociopolitical situations, but I refuse to illustrate a judgment. I feel that an artwork is successful when once injected into the communication channels it manages to awake a dialog,” he has said of his recent work. Hamad’s more abstract photographs capture subjects relaxing on sprawling beaches or flowers resembling whirling dervishes, serving as serene, hopeful foils to his more political series.

Algerian, b. 1961