SERKAN ÖZKAYA, ‘Mirage’, 2013, Postmasters Gallery

Installation is adaptable to any space. The work is accompanied with the technology (2 projectors and computer)

Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, Turkey
21C Museum Hotels, Cincinnati
Postmasters Gallery, New York City, August 2013


Often working outside traditional art spaces, Serkan Ozkaya engages in a wide-ranging practice that includes performative displays, public sculpture, and conceptual gestures referring to art history and literature. His work frequently questions the nature of artistic reproduction; his work David (2012) re-created Michelangelo’s sculpture at two times the size. His ongoing “Dear Sir or Madam” series documents his correspondence to galleries and curators. With strange requests such as “Can I hang the Mona Lisa upside down?” the letters evidence the humor at the heart of Ozkaya’s work.

Turkish, b. 1973, based in Istanbul, Turkey