Seton Smith, ‘Guest House Right Room’, 2003, Winston Wächter Fine Art

About Seton Smith

Hailing from a family of artists—her father is Tony Smith and Kiki Smith is her sister—Seton Smith has forged her own career with a focus on photography, sculpture, and installation. “My work is about moving around in space, navigating space,” she has said of her projects focused on homes, architectural interiors, and urban and natural landscapes. Photography forms the bulk of her output. She works with a range of processes and often incorporates monumentally scaled photographs into her installations and site-specific works. For a number of her site-specific installations, she has inserted photographs of such natural features as cliffs and trees into public parks or urban spaces. They appear at once incongruous and in harmony with their surroundings. Smith has also presented photographs of easy-to-overlook interior details—a mirror, an air conditioning unit, staircases—that highlight their sculptural beauty.

American, b. 1955