Shadi Habib Allah, ‘A Defective Wave Shields Disparate Topographies’, 2016, Green Art Gallery

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Green Art Gallery, Dubai

About Shadi Habib Allah

Shadi Habib Allah questions the ways in which objects circulate in society, and what this suggests about value, economics, and politics. Allah works with a variety of artistic disciplines that includes installation, video, sculpture, performance, and drawing; these take as points of origin real conditions in the world, or demonstrate the artist’s experience with laws and regulation. For example, Allah’s multi-part work titled S/N: 8F1GNA0021 (2012) documented his act of commissioning a camera to be stolen from a clandestine marketplace and fashioning it with a new shell to hide its illicit acquisition. Another series stemmed from an incident in 2009, in which one of Allah’s sculptures was confiscated and destroyed at the Tel Aviv airport. Using drawing, he made 1:1 representations of the room in which his sculpture was destroyed, based on third-party descriptions.

Palestinian, b. 1977

Solo Shows

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