Shana Lutker, ‘Entr'acte, 1926’, 2014, Barbara Seiler

About Shana Lutker

Inspired as much by historical documents and physical objects as by psychoanalysis and the study of dreams, Shana Lutker’s multi-disciplinary practice is, above all, conceptual. She works in a range of media, from drawing and sculpture to installation and performance, continuously aiming to recontextualize everyday experiences and subjects—with a cunning eye for societal anxieties and assumptions. “I work in widening circles, where each new element looks both forwards and backwards,” she says. “Dreams and newspapers are almost always at the foundation of my work, because for me, the dreams stand for freedom from interpretation, and the newspapers stand for linear time and history—the subjective and the objective, the private and the public, the unfixed and the fixed.” Lutker has recently spent time researching and compiling a detailed history of the Surrealists' infamous fisticuffs, a project that culminated in her performance for Performa 13.

American, b. 1978, Northport, New York, based in Los Angeles, California