Shana Moulton, ‘Electric Blanket Temple Altar’, 2005, P!

About Shana Moulton

In work both humorous and poignant, Shana Moulton plumbs the depths of her identity—and invites viewers to do the same. She concentrates on producing loosely autobiographical videos and performances that feature her agoraphobic, hypochondriac alter ego, Cynthia. She describes Cynthia as “a tool for me to figure out my own ambiguities or ambivalence about things in the world, to help me deal with them with a little humor and perspective.” The bulk of Moulton’s dreamlike works, which are couched in a kitschy, New Age aesthetic and largely unfold in the confines of Cynthia’s home and imagination, are a part of her ongoing “Whispering Pines” series. Titled after the trailer-park home for senior citizens in Northern California where she grew up, the series is inspired by her experiences living on the border of this elderly community and its natural surroundings.

American, b. 1976, Oakhurst, California, based in Brooklyn, New York