Shao Yi 邵一, ‘Du Lu Du Lu’, 2010, ShanghART

About Shao Yi 邵一

Quick to embrace new materials, Shao Yi is known for producing objects that bridge sculpture, installation, and craft, often incorporating traditionally auspicious patterns. His installation Broadcast (2008) consisted of 59 Cultural Revolution-era speakers gleaned from rural villages and wired together. Reworked to play private conversations mixed in with the original propagandistic public announcements (although the two are indistinguishable in the general din), the installation highlights the porous nature of the boundaries between public and private life. Other notable works by Shao include an ambiguous photographic series portraying inebriated men in security guard, military police, and other official uniforms. Conceived for a group show entitled “The History of Etiquette,” it explores the dynamics underlying a decorous society.

Chinese, b. 1967, based in Hangzhou, China