Sharif Waked, ‘Crop Marks’, 2016, Gallery One

In the floor installation, Crop Marks, Waked puts various worlds, practices, and events into conversation. In the printing world, “crop marks” are the thin lines, appearing as crosses, at the corners of an image. They indicate where paper should be cut after printing to clean out the image of the “bleeds”. Waked simulates this trimming of the paper-cutting machine (called a "guillotine"), in a self-portrait that models a fashionable orange suit. Image breaking is at the core of this encounter between design, printing, fashion, and current beheadings.

Signature: Certificate of Authenticity

Image rights: Gallery One and artist

Gallery On 2016

About Sharif Waked

Palestinian, b. 1964, Nazareth, Israel, based in Haifa, Israel

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