Sharif Waked, ‘dot.txt #8, (No Partner)’, 2016, Gallery One

Sharif Waked explores iconoclasm: the destruction of cherished monuments, institutions, and values, or the destruction of religious images deemed heretical. The breaking of image and text runs through three ongoing series: Arabesques, Just a Moment and dot.txt.
Dot.txt is based on colorful; polka doted wrapping paper that Waked found in Ramallah. Waked added white labels, to make texts and patterns. Dot.txt #9 (Arab Idol), speaks to extreme admiration and idol worship in the context of transnational television and the entertainment industry. Dot.txt #10 (One Gram of Powder) recalls the Russian avant-garde artist Kazmir Malevich. In 1919, the Soviet government feared that postrevolutionary disorder would destroy museums and art collections. Malevich made a radical suggestion: if a corpse would result in “one gram of powder,” than the entirety of all past epochs of art should be burned and would fit in one pharmacy.

Series: dot.txt series

Signature: Certificate of authenticity

Image rights: Gallery One and Artist

Gallery One 2016

About Sharif Waked

Palestinian, b. 1964, Nazareth, Israel, based in Haifa, Israel

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