Sharon Weiner, ‘Ghost’, 2015, Fabrik Projects Gallery

About Sharon Weiner

In regards to her painting, Sharon Weiner identifies with the legacy of postwar American abstractionists such as Mark Rothko and Ross Bleckner. She looks at her artistic process as one akin to an internal dialogue: “I give visual form to what experiencing my life feels like—indeed, to what awareness itself, an abstract concept, feels like.” Weiner’s abstract paintings are produced by the quasi-controlled pouring and dripping of paint onto a surface without the use of a brush. As a result, the works typically have a smooth, finished surface. In the 1990s, Weiner also began to create floor-based sculptures using found objects she describes as “old, gritty things.” She views her sculptures as anthropomorphic, saying they remind her of “discarded people you’ve given up hope on.”

American, based in Los Angeles, California

Solo Shows

Ruth Bachofner Gallery, 
Santa Monica,