Shaun McDowell, ‘This Chick's Been Singing All Night Long’, 2013, Rook & Raven

About Shaun McDowell

Shaun McDowell’s bright, multicolored abstract paintings are intensely focused on the unique gestures of the artist’s hand. McDowell says of his allusive imagery, which contains elements of figuration and landscape, “What adds to the idea of a figure here is the fact that at times it has been what you could call romantic or erotic, and the energy or the marks are inspired from that. So if the work ever looks romantic or erotic it has to have a figure involved in that emotion.” In This Chick’s Been Singing All Night Long (2013), a patchwork of blue, pink, and yellow colors is topped by parenthetical swipes of white, green, and periwinkle, mimicking the curves of a female body. The artist’s references are veiled, but also open to discovery. McDowell’s painting Hunter’s Lodge (2013), with its effusive bits of green and brown, alludes to dense forest foliage.

English, b. 1981

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