Shaun O'Dell, ‘’, 2014, Gallery 16

About Shaun O'Dell

Through a diverse range of work—including drawings, videos, music, and sculptures—Shaun O’Dell explores Americans’ fraught relationship with nature. As he describes: “For years my drawings—and paintings as well—have been thoughts about how we engage and interact with nature. Specifically, I have been interested in: how our engagement with nature has influenced the development of the American mind […].” For O’Dell, the American attitude towards nature has been driven by a destroy-and-conquer ethos, which extends to ideology, politics, and international relations. He simultaneously conveys and rejects this attitude and its development in his works, in which he re-interprets American history. Borrowing the iconography of timelines, maps, and geological charts, he crafts meticulous compositions full of abstract and semi-representational forms that read as such natural phenomena as sunsets, or manmade forces like nuclear explosions.

American, b. 1968, Beeville, TX, United States, based in San Francisco, CA, United States

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