Shawn Kuruneru, ‘Water Phthalo Green Blue Shade, ’, 2016, FOUR A.M.

About Shawn Kuruneru

In mixed-media works, abstract paintings, ink drawings, and collages, Shawn Kuruneru pares mark-making down to its most basic form, using dots, as well as editing, layering, and distorting images appropriated from the world around him. Kuruneru often uses an ink pen to create distinct marks, repeating groups of dots that ultimately evoke landscapes. “My abstract works are my way of boiling down drawing to understand its core,” he has said. “To me drawing is about origins. When you have an idea in your head you extract it by writing, sketching and scribbling it out. The first mark-making gesture comes from uncertainty and chance, which is what I find most interesting and exciting in all art.” He has also created abstract sculptures using enamel on wood, and cites Auguste Rodin as an influence on his practice, as well as the photography of Diane Arbus.

Canadian, b. 1984, Toronto, Canada, based in New York, New York

Solo Shows

Mark Wolfe Contemporary, 
San Francisco,
Shawn Kuruneru : "Adventure"