Shellburne Thurber, ‘9 Wellington Street: Ralph's bedroom - carved wood mantel mirror’, 2004, Krakow Witkin Gallery

Color inkjet print
Edition of 18

Signature: Signed on label on reverse

Image rights: Barbara Krakow Gallery

About Shellburne Thurber

Shellburne Thurber produces lush, color and black-and-white photographs of interior spaces and decaying homes, which serve as documents of time, loss, and the lives lived by their current and former inhabitants. Associated with the Boston School of photographers that includes Nan Goldin and Philip Lorca diCorcia, Thurber has photographed her family and friends, and captured spaces with which she has a personal relationship, such as her late mother’s childhood home. For her series “9 Wellington Street”, she shot the ornate brownstone home of the environmental scientist, lawyer, writer, and painter Ralph Horne over the course of almost seven years. “I became intrigued by the uncanny way in which inhabited spaces take on the energy of those who live and work in them,” she has said. She also photographs abandoned, dilapidated Southern homes, capturing the vestiges of their former grandeur in intense color and natural light.

American, b. 1949