Shelter Serra, ‘Southern House on Fire’, 2016, Baahng Gallery

About Shelter Serra

While garnering popular attention with his design of a fake functionless plastic Rolex replica watch, Shelter Serra has spent years developing a career replicating the objects of everyday life. Cars, pipes, water bottles, handbags and engine components are just a few of the sculptural subjects that the artist has rendered in materials including copper, cast resin, and plaster. By removing these consumer objects from the realm of functionality he offers commentary on the nature of art and utility, exploring ideas of artificiality and producing incisive critiques of mass consumption and cultural identity.

American , b. 1972, Bolinas, California, based in New York, New York

Solo Shows

New York,
House on Fire
Coburn Projects, 

Group Shows

New York, NY, USA,
True Grit