Shi Qing 石青, ‘Volcano Museum (Installation)’, 2013, ShanghART

About Shi Qing 石青

Shi Qing is known for reinterpreting classic Chinese folk tales and myths through performance, installations, photography, and new media. His work exudes theatricality as it explores new narrative forms, as in his multimedia installation When Zhuge Liang Meets Panda (2007) in which he combines two seemingly disparate narratives—the stories of an acclaimed philosopher-politician and the mythic panda bear. The legacy of China’s socialism and geopolitical issues, such as globalization, war, and the environment, run throughout Shi’s body of work. Exemplified by Electricity Controls Shanghai (2006), a mixed-media installation comprising a bicycle sprouting neon rods, Shi’s work has increasingly centered on the politics of daily life since 2005, exploring themes pertinent to China’s development, such as access to energy, industry, and farming, and the role of artistic production within that context.

Chinese, b. 1969, Inner Mongolia, China, based in Beijing, China