Shigeo Nishida, ‘Niō (Kongōrikishi) in the morning sun’, 2011, Photo Gallery Artisan

Following the change of the four seasons, he had been shooting the world heritage Ninna-ji Temple and the monk, who lives there, that change their aspects.
He tried to shoot not only a place called Ninna-ji Temple, but also the people’s life.
Even though it is a World Heritage Site, people have formed it and people have been protecting it. Please feel the people’s life which have been there.

Print by Epson UltraChrome K3 ink.
Light resistance:60 years, Ozone resistance:60, With album:200 years.

Series: The world of Ninna-ji temple

Image rights: Shigeo Nishida

@Tokushima Arts Foundation for Culture

Kyoto Museum of Photography

About Shigeo Nishida

Japanese, b. 1950, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, based in Tokushima, Préfecture de Tokushima, Japan