Shigeo Nishida, ‘Worship of Kondo (a hall where Amida,Goddess of Mercy and Mahāsthāmaprāpta are enshrined)’, 2011, Photo Gallery Artisan

Following the change of the four seasons, he had been shooting the world heritage Ninna-ji Temple and the monk, who lives there, that change their aspects.
He tried to shoot not only a place called Ninna-ji Temple, but also the people’s life.
Even though it is a World Heritage Site, people have formed it and people have been protecting it. Please feel the people’s life which have been there.

Print by Epson UltraChrome K3 ink.
Light resistance:60 years, Ozone resistance:60, With album:200 years.

@Tokushima Arts Foundation for Culture

Kyoto Museum of Photography

About Shigeo Nishida

Japanese, b. 1950, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, based in Tokushima, Préfecture de Tokushima, Japan