Shila Khatami, ‘Stains’, 2012, Samy Abraham

About Shila Khatami

Though Shila Khatami’s paintings make use of pop cultural references—sometimes the titles quote Blondie or Cyndi Lauper lyrics—her works are ultimately about the tradition and material possibilities of painting. As the base for these works, Khatami uses readymade or manufactured objects found in common hardware stores, such as smooth sheets of aluminum, fiberboards, pegboards, and phonic isolation foam. Her painting process includes a wide range of non-traditional tools, like rubber bands and masking tape, and methods such as rolling, dripping, and scoring. Though recurring motifs include regular geometric shapes, Khatami executes them with deliberate imprecision and spontaneity.

German, b. 1976, Saarbrücken, Germany

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