Shiro Tsujimura, ‘Set of five Kohiki-style wine cups’, ca. 2005, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2017

Dimensions are for each cup.

Courtesy of Miyeko Murase

Shiro Tsujimura began training as a painter at the Zen temple Sansho-ji, carrying over the minimal and rustic aesthetic of his practice into his creation of ceramics at his studio in the mountains of Nara prefecture. A self-taught potter, he is world renowned for his contemporary take on a breathtaking range of traditional Japanese ceramic techniques, glazes, and forms. His vessels are at once functional, robust, and visceral, and are often the product of chance occurrences in the firing process, a feature that sets his oeuvre apart from many of his contemporaries.
Courtesy of Japan Society

Signature: Signed

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