Sid Garrison, ‘August 20, 2012’, 2012, DANESE/COREY

About Sid Garrison

Sid Garrison used to be known for his abstractions that mixed biomorphic forms, Color Field influences, and geometry. Following a stroke in 2005, however, Garrison changed his working methods and modified his style, producing what he calls “abstract narratives.” His work now is both strict and expansive: he works exclusively in square-format paper and colored pencil, but has broadened the range of his palette and varied his marks to include those more minute and delicate. He works in generally an additive and improvisational way, though has also been known to wipe over his works leaving trails of dried pigment. Garrison also introduced the use of meandering lines—a motif that has since become iconic in his work. His works are perhaps most famous for their smooth finish, without discernible traces of the human hand.

American, b. 1954