Sidney Hutter, ‘Vertical Vase #1’, 1996, Museum of Arts and Design

Gift of Andrea and Charles Bronfman, 2001

About Sidney Hutter

Through traditional methods of altering commercially available plate glass, Sidney Hutter creates sculptural glass artworks that are mechanically engineered to emphasize light and form. With an MFA in glass and sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Arts in Boston, Hutter employs mechanical techniques—cutting, polishing, and grinding—to transform glass into pure, luminous forms, often using dyed glue and laminated glass to refract different colors of light. Hutter’s glassworks are formed in various shapes and scales, including vases, vessels, tables, lamps, and floor and wall constructions. At times incorporating other materials, such as metal and wood, Hutter’s modern forms have evolved for over 25 years, continually influenced by the geometry of Cubism, Art Deco, and the Bauhaus.

American, based in Newton, Massachusetts

Group Shows on Artsy

Simon Says, Chesterfield Gallery, New York