Siebren Versteeg, ‘BOOM (Fresher Acconci)’, 2007, bitforms gallery

Internet images are culled at random via a live image search for randomly chosen words of an embedded dictionary of 80,000. The images are then animated to appear as a scene from Vito Acconci's video of 1976 entitled "The Red Tapes". "The Red Tapes" was created as a portrait of the U.S. on the event of the Bicentennial. In "BOOM (Fresher Acconci)", the scene (kind of a low tech PowerPoint slideshow) becomes a non-narrative lock groove; forever downloading and presenting new images in no particular order.

About Siebren Versteeg

Siebren Versteeg mines the digital realm for content, hacking and manipulating systems of image dissemination found in cyberspace. Creating algorithmic programs that respond to and distort online imagery, Versteeg then presents the results as still painterly abstractions, or displays the programs on monitors. Daily Times (2012) is a real-time digital program presented on a monitor, which downloads a scan of The New York Times’ front page daily; the program then gets to work on it, producing strokes of color across the page that respond to the particularities of that day’s layout, thereby engaging with notions of agency, choice, and chance, and how they intersect with digital streams of information.

American, b. 1971, New Haven, Connecticut, based in Brooklyn, New York