Sienna DeGovia, ‘Sustenance’, 2011, Klowden Mann

Series: Angel City Eats

Image rights: Sienna DeGovia

About Sienna DeGovia

Sienna DeGovia creates resin sculptures resembling baked goods, fruit, candies, and animals, which allude to traditional functional household objects, such as pitchers and serving platters. In many of her works, landscapes are constructed from ersatz sweets and frosted cakes, informed by DeGovia’s career as a food photographer and stylist, but also acting as social commentary about the changing values of culture. “Reality TV is what I see today as junk food for the brain,” she says. “Everything is out there on the table for you to take. You want it and it sounds so good. But then you eat it and it makes you sick.” Her work considers what we want and why, and questions the way that consumption contributes to identity.

American, b. 1975, Los Angeles, CA, United States, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States