Silvana Lacarra, Gachi Prieto

About Silvana Lacarra

Silvana Lacarra is a self-taught artist who painted unhappily and worked with video, metal, and glass, until she finally found Formica, a form of laminated plastic, which she calls “a fantastic material, firm and whimsical as myself.” Lacarra further explains that she’s drawn to the material’s physical properties—its thickness, weight, lack of flexibility, and color. She uses it to create abstract sculptures that sometimes resemble household furniture, altered so to be just beyond usable: tables with holes in their surfaces, or toppled on their sides. Lacarra says she finds kinship between Richard Artschwager’s practice and these works. She has also made more abstract wall and floor pieces, all of which explore her interest in curves, surface, lines, and swelling forms.

Argentinian, b. 1962