Simmons & Burke, ‘Fusion Frenzy’, 2015, Kohn Gallery

About Simmons & Burke

Case Simmons and Andrew Burke, known together by the moniker Simmons & Burke, have been collaborating since 2006 to create their multi-sensory collages, typically composed of visual and audio components. Simmons received his training at the San Francisco Art Institute while Burke studied at the Oberlin Conservatory and Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Together, they scour the internet and collect images and sound clips, which they aggregate into overwhelming experiences. A collaged image might contain over 15,000 individual images, while an audio piece might be a multi-layered composition of fragmented sounds taken from recordings of the street, music, and television chatter. The artists have said that the overarching theme of this sensory overload is the contemporary state of the information age: “We like the idea of making a Frankensteinian world that is both overwhelming and quieting.”