Simon Dybbroe Møller, ‘The Princess III’, 2010, Andersen's

Image rights: image courtesy the artist and Andersen's Contemporary, DK

About Simon Dybbroe Møller

Conceptual artist Simon Dybbroe Møller creates performances and installations that explore existential questions through metaphor. In 2010, he completed a trilogy of exhibitions that individually explored boredom, failure, and gravity. For instance, in Melody Malady (2010), he examines the distinction between between boredom and leisure activity. A man sits at a piano that has stacks of books on top of and around it. He appears to be tapping absentmindedly on the piano keys while reading, but in fact, he is playing the letters that represent musical notes as he scans them in the books. In Untitled, Uncovered and Incomplete by Chance (in Bloom) (2005), Møller recorded the Nirvana song “In Bloom” after de-tuning the instruments according to August Strindberg’s instructions for random tuning. Our lives are voids, Møller is suggesting, and he is interested in how we (artist, performer, and viewer) choose to fill them.

Danish, b. 1976, Aarhus, Denmark