Simon Evans™, ‘Black Magic Capitalism’, 2016, James Cohan

About Simon Evans™

Pro-skateboarder and writer-turned-artist Simon Evans™ produces a prolific stream of detailed, diaristic, idiosyncratic mixed-media drawings and objects. His abundant output is defined by his use of two principal components: scotch tape and text. He collages together such humble and found materials as scraps of paper, Wite-Out, foil candy wrappers, and pencil shavings, creating diagrams, maps, diary entries, cosmologies, and other information-organizing systems, which he fills with his delicately handwritten notes. Through such works, he assesses the state of contemporary society, airs his concerns with the inadequacies and inequities of the world, and searches for his place within it, employing a mixture of wryness and pathos. He describes his approach as his “trying to figure things out and feel better about things.” As personal as the artist's works are, they are universally oriented, underpinned by his keen sensitivity to the fragility of human life.

British, b. 1972, London, United Kingdom, based in New York, NY, United States