Simon Gouverneur, ‘Tota’, 1985, Curator's Office

From the Estate of Simon Gouverneur (1934 - 1990)

The painting has been restored in LR quadrant due to an abrasion.

Signature: Signed on LL recto along with title and date

Image rights: Estate of Simon Gouverneur

Exhibited in "Inscape/Exscape: The Realm Between", The Collector Art Gallery, 1988

"Icon Culture: The Late Paintings of Simon Gouverneur", McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA, 2000
traveled to
Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD, 2000

"Icon Culture: The Late Paintings of Simon Gouveurneur" catalog
illustrated p. 13.

Acquired directly from the artist.

About Simon Gouverneur

Simon Gouverneur’s abstract paintings were the product of a lifelong study of the relationship between language and mysticism. He produced a lexicon of images and symbols taken from the liturgical practices of various religions, particularly Buddhism, Hinduism, Jewish mysticism, and Pre-Columbian religions. He linked these practices to structural linguistics and other intellectually dense, mid-century anthropological concepts. Working in egg tempera, acrylic, and oils, his work contains saturated colors, rigorous geometric patterns, numbers, letters, and readily identifiable symbolic motifs, like spirals. Gouverneur worked very slowly, mixing his own paints, creating a tension between his methodical process and the lofty mystical experiences he tries to render into visual languages.

American, 1934-1990, Bronx, New York, based in Washington, D.C.