Simon Lee Betteridge, ‘Pacific’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Simons approach to painting is born out of his love for music, it's art inspired by another form of art, one of expressive mark making and bold use of color that is raw and honest. Working in mixed media he's exploration is often compared to the expressionistic, gestural painters of the mid 20th century, his process is both passionate and emotionally charged. I don't paint what I see I paint what I feel in me... Having grown up in the small town of Malvern he went on to study at Central St Martins London and from there to the prestigious School of Art Institute of Chicago. He work has been exhibited worldwide and his work is held in numerous private collections. This was inspired by his travel around Sri Lanka. How bright and happy the people are there even though there lives may be very in different to ours they remain warm, and incredibly friendly and so welcoming, this was the embidding memory he was left with , even thou you were just really a complete stranger to them ... Abstract variations of dark crimson red going down into a pillar box red. Lush grass green in pillar shape. Figure shape on right in cobalt blue. Simon Lee Bettering is a mid career artist with potential for growth.