Simon Starling, ‘At the Hawk's Well (Grayscale)’, 2014, Japan Society

Masks by Yasuo Miichi; Costumes by Kumi Sakurai/Atelier Hinode

Image rights: Courtesy of Simon Starling & The Modern Institute

"At Twilight: Simon Starling"

Venue: Japan Society, New York (2016)

About Simon Starling

The Turner Prize-winning artist Simon Starling intertwines an assortment of materials and found objects in his installations, sculptures, films, and photographs, which are backed by extensive study and labor. Starling delves into universal and specific issues, including the relationship between man and nature, the history of modern art, the life and work of famous artists such as Henry Moore and Constantin Brancusi, and the human drive to explore and impose order on the world. His projects are layered with references to multiple sources. In his multimedia installation Project for a Masquerade (Hiroshima) (2010), for example, he weaved together explorations of Japanese culture, Moore’s sculptures, and masks. Starling describes his work as “the physical manifestation of a thought process.”

British, b. 1967, Epsom, United Kingdom, based in Copenhagen, Denmark