Simone Jones, ‘Perfect Vehicle, 2006’, 2003-2006, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

About Simone Jones

Multidisciplinary artist Simone Jones uses a variety of media, including film, video, sculpture, and electronics, to explore the way we see. Though at first glance her work may appear technical—with elements of computer-generated 3D animation and robotics—the artist has said she is “interested in using technology to expose paradoxes that are inherent to the tools themselves.” In works like Within Distance (2013), she explores the relationship between mechanisms of creation and display, and image and viewer, by placing the elements of a two-channel video in different rooms of the gallery, allowing the viewer to move freely and dictate their experience of the work. As such, she reveals how the various ways an image is made affects the way we perceive it.


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Labor Intensive, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York